Welcome to Pasta Grannies. I'm finding and filming women who still make pasta by hand - a tradition that is disappearing in Italy. Along the way, I also meet producers, people and delicious non pasta food, so I share those too. If you've got any questions or comments, do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

How to make ravioli ‘incaciati’

These ravioli are a speciality of Ascoli Piceno; they’re traditionally served at Carnevale but these days cooks will

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Cucuzzil or Italian Style Baked Marrow

Carmela Centro has to make this huge quantities of this dish – not just because she’s got too

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Cesarina’s pisarei e faso or pasta and beans recipe

This is the kind of pasta dish I can am happy to eat on a regular basis. Cesarina

Pasta dishes

Marisa’s Meatballs with Polenta

Marisa’s meatball recipe is quick and easy: for 6 or so people you will need: 500g minced beef


Giulina’s Risi e bisi

Giulina had a career catering for the school children in Venice – apparently her pasta and beans was

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Risotto style Fregola with mussels

Cooking the fregola as you would risotto rice means a flavoursome result; it’s well worth the effort of

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Su Succu – a saffron and cheese pasta dish from Sardinia

Everything about this pasta dish is unusual: it’s colour, the ingredients, and also the way it’s cooked –

Pasta dishes

Vanda’s tagliolini pasta with shrimp

Recently I spent a morning filming Vanda Soncini and her daughter Maria Grazia in working in the kitchen of their restaurant, La Capanna di Eraclio. The idea was to follow Vanda through a typical morning, which always starts with making pasta – a routine she has been doing for 60 odd years. This was the pasta

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Pasta Roll with Spinach and Ricotta

This is Ursula Ferrigno’s recipe. You will need an approximately  70 x 50cm piece of muslin, a deep

Pasta dishes

Ndunderi or ricotta gnocchi from Amalfi

Normally our criteria for selecting ‘Grannies’ is they have to be real life Grannies, or over 60 –

Pasta dishes

Cerretini di Farro ‘al Rancetto’

Farro is a grain found throughout central Italy – especially Umbria and Le Marche. It’s particularly suited to

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Chickpea and mushroom soup

This is Maria Caruso’s recipe, as written by her daughter Simona. The family come from a village near

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara is dead easy: to make and to get wrong. The first thing to get right is

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