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  1. Really enjoy your pasta grannies series. Look forward to upcoming posts. I taught myself how to hand roll pasta; picking up tips from the grannies is a great help!


  2. Vicky Bennison says:

    Hi Steven, thank you for posting – I’m so pleased to hear you like the series! best, Vicky

  3. maddalena cantoni says:

    Dear Vicky Bennison, I posted something on the FB page, being suggested to do so by Anne-Maria Salmon. I’m a grandma, I love cooking, baking, making bread. You can find pics of what I do on my FB page, on a blog under the nickname of madamada, on Jamie Oliver’s forum, I’m not what one would call a traditional ricette-della-nonna example but try to pass on the basic to my grandchidren. Best regards
    Maddalena Cantoni

  4. I’ve just stumbled across your website. What a great idea. You mention somewhere that the granny project will, at some point, become a book. I’m a literary agent — if you don’t already have a publisher, or indeed an agent, and you’d like to discuss representation, I’d love to know where you’re up to with it all. But if none of the above is relevant or interesting, just take this as fan mail!

  5. Renata says:

    Just LOVE this channel and all the videos! Tomorrow I am going to make three of these delicious recipes! Thank you so much for posting!

  6. Vicky Bennison says:

    Hello Renata, thank you for the compliment and good luck with the pasta recipes. best wishes, Vicky

  7. Anna Bateson says:

    Vicky, what a captivating channel. It truly captures the heart and spirit of Italian cuisine. Off to lunch to share the link with an Italian girlfriend whose Nonna has fed me well for years. Anna

  8. Nick Patten says:

    Hi Vicky, great to see you yesterday and to share superb Agnoli, amongst other fab Italian dishes, at The River Cafe. You have inspired me to master the challenging art of making great pasta – thank you.
    Come to ours once I am a ‘granny’!
    Nick x

  9. LKD says:

    Hi Vicky,
    I’m in the midst of the rocky beginnings of a homemade pasta business. I love watching Pasta Grannies for inspiration, instruction and as a reminder of the good life that I’m trying to preserve and share in my own community. I was intrigued by the dough beater as kneading is the greatest struggle for me so far (to feed a single family, it’s not so bad, but for 15 families in the same day, it’s deadly) In the video you said you had only seen them in Sardinia. Are they sold there or are they made by members of the family? Do you know anyone who has built one? I’m in search of information about how to procure or build one. If you have any information or ideas you’d be willing to share on the subject, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you for the beautiful videos!

  10. Vicky Bennison says:

    hi Lois, I am so sorry for the slow reply ! I think you’re looking at a commercial size mixer with a paddle beater. Or even your Kenwood or Kitchenaid will help take the strain. I have only ever seen the dough beater that appears in two episodes in Sardinia. I am seeing my Italian fixer/granny hunter in a couple of days time and I will ask her if she knows if they are made commercially. Sorry I cannot be of more help, but I will get back to you if I find anything. Good luck with the business and thank you for liking Pasta Grannies! best wishes, Vicky

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