How to make the best limoncello

We had the most wonderful time in Amalfi: to put together this video on limoncello we visited a limoneto, or lemon grove, with terraces down to the sea (where you can go glamping) and an artisan producer called Carlo Mansi. Carlo used to be an gelato maker, but then turned his attentions to making a range of delicious digestivi.

His recipe for limoncello is very easy. Buy
8 large, unwaxed, not quite ripe Amalfi lemons
1 litre of 96% alcohol

Remove the skin from the lemons, making sure you don’t take the pith. Carlo recommends a heel scraper. Leave the peel in the alcohol for 2 days. Strain. Keep the peel for firelighters.

Make a sugar syrup by warming
1 litre of water
800g of sugar

Leave to cool completely before mixing it with the alcohol infusion. This makes just over 2 litres of limoncello.