Fatta e Mangiata pasta shop & cafe

Fatta e Mangiata is a fresh pasta shop on the corner of Porto San Giorgio’s covered market with a funky little café behind; benches made out of crates (with cushions for comfort), menus tucked inside comic books kind of thing.  The family pride themselves on using the best possible ingredients and their ‘lab’ ensures the product tastes sensational too, even if it means tweaking a traditional recipe.

Matteo was in the shop the day I visited, enthusing about the pasta. ‘Look at my arm! I get chicken skin when I think about our eggs! Feel them!’ I duly cradled a pure white, heavy egg. They come from a guy who keeps free range chickens near Comunanza (about an hour’s drive into the mountains) and these eggs are so free range the yolks are pale because the birds are not fed dyed pellets. Meanwhile the flour is a special order from Matera in Puglia – where the some of the best bread in Italy is made.

With this kind of passion, the pasta is bound to be fabulous and indeed the tortelloni – stuffed with ricotta and served with a simple fresh tomato sauce – were excellent. The side order of olive all’ascolana were some of the best I’ve nibbled. The family have submitted a request the cafe can open beyond the market trading hours; lets hope the commune say yes.

Address: via Francesco Gentili 7, Porto San Giorgio

Telephone: 0734 676577