Cremeria Santo Stefano

I had a couple of days in Bologna last week, meeting loads of lovely ladies for the Pasta Grannies project. My schedule always has the space for a trip to a gelateria, and this time new friends Thomas and Antonella insisted we should try Cremeria Santo Stefano. There are lots of really good ice cream parlours in the city and this one is my new favourite based entirely on their Salted Pistachio flavour: nutty, creamy, not too sweet and ever so slightly salt. It’s delicious. As was the mango, the pink grapefruit, the earl grey tea with ginger…oh and let’s not forget the totally outstanding plain chocolate sorbet.

The staff are friendly and happy for you to taste before buying. It’s definitely worth the 10 minute walk from the city centre.

Address: Via Santo Stefano, 70 Bologna

Telephone: +39 051 227045