Anna Maria makes maccheroncini & 2 autumnal sauces

We filmed Anna Maria at Agriturismo Ramusé which is owned and run by her nephew Paolo Ciccioli; it’s a wonderful location and full of animals some of which make an appearance in this episode.

She makes a thin version of tagliatelle which is called maccheroncini in the Ascoli Piceno area, but is also called taglierini elsewhere in Italy.

The two sauces – mushroom with sausage meat and pancetta with walnuts – are very easy and replicable at home – the key is to use top notch ingredients. Topping them off with fresh truffle is optional – Paolo is an expert truffle hunter so they often feature at the agriturismo at this time of year.

The Latin name for the mushrooms which Anna Maria forages from old tree stumps are Agrocybe aegerita and the common name for them is Black Popular mushrooms. In Italy you have to pass an exam before you’re allowed to forage and give or sell mushrooms to other people. You’ll find all the wild mushrooms for sale in the supermarkets have been signed off as edible – and they are what they say they are on the label.  You could use ordinary cup mushrooms – though of course if you’ve found some porcini or chanterelles they’d make this dish even more delicious.