Pasta Grannies make pinciarelle

Pinciarelle are made the southern half of Le Marche, particularly Ascoli Piceno province which is close to Petrioli, a charming little town where Anna Maria Natali and her family lives. She was inspired to cook thanks to her Grandmother, who ran a bakery.  And her daughter, Serena, continues the tradition with her blog, That was how I found out about Anna Maria – Serena has a great post on her mum making pinciarelli with chestnut flour. This isn’t traditional, however, so Anna Maria showed us the plain flour/leftover bread version.

At home in Italy I make my own bread – a bog standard milk loaf recipe which produces good toasting bread – and after this session I went home and used some of that dough to make my own pinciarelle pasta. It’s a good entry level pasta – try it with what ever bread dough recipe you are familiar with.