Pasta Grannies make marubini

Most folk outside Italy will not have heard of marubini; these meat stuffed pastas hail from Cremona, on the borders of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. The meat filling can vary and thus sometimes marubini can be the same as anolini – i.e. made with casseroled beef – which are typical of Parma, an hour down the road from Cremona.

Just to confuse things still further, marubini can also vary in shape; cappelletti and marubini are one and the same thing in Cremona.

In other words, marubini are an example of geographically specific pasta!

63 year old Emanuela Fortunati is one of 12 children and began cooking for her family and the farm workers in her early teens. She worked for many years on the cheese counter at a local supermarket.

She makes her marubini with fresh sausages called salamelle which she skins, crumbles and mixes with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano and breadcrumbs soaked in a little water