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Vicky picking swiss chard

I spent many years working in international development in places like Siberia, South Africa, and Turkmenistan. The next decent meal was always on my mind and I began writing about my culinary adventures: mushroom hunting with the Russian mafia and cooking zebra stew in near Lake Turkana in Kenya are just two examples.

I progressed onto writing books. ‘The Taste of a Place’ food guides told you where to find good food and wine in Corfu, Mallorca and Andalucia. I was chuffed they were recommended by The Observer, The Times, and Delia Smith Online, amongst others.

I co-wrote ‘Seasonal Spanish Food’ with London based, Spanish chef Jose Pizarro (shortlisted for 3 different awards) and now I’m working on a project called Pasta Grannies – check out the You Tube channel – which will also be a book .

My husband, Billy, and I have a home in Le Marche, central Italy, and I divide my time between there and London.





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  1. Fiona Shone says:

    Vicky, my friend Helena Attlee came for supper the other night and I found in her a fellow fan of Pasta Grannies. I”d not met anyone else who had heard of it before. So just wanted to say what a great project it is, I love the way these elderly ladies go out into barren back yards and pick such a few ingredients and make the most delicious meals, and they are always so shy, bashful and almost embarrassed about being the centre of attention. Well done I don’t suppose their daughters will be prepared to spend such a long time in the kitchen. Love it, thanks, Fiona

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